Attaching Your MHP

Our patented MHP Hair System is a semi-custom design which allows us to offer extremely fast delivery and to customize it to fit your head like a baseball cap– totally secure and with complete range of movement. To ensure that the MHP remains secure even in adverse conditions, we offer three methods of attachment:

Transparent Double-sided Tape

For normal wear, most of our clients find our transparent double-side tape sufficient to secure the MHP to their head. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, this option is available once your hair has fallen out or you have shaved off your remaining hair. We offer many options of tape that are of medical grade, in different shapes, sizes, and strengths to meet your individual needs. If you happen to have an allergy to the standard tape, we offer a latex free option. Special tape patch areas should be added by the wig maker to the base of the wig. Never apply tape directly to the foundation because it will cause the wig to lose hair from pull stress.

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  • In order to protect the integrity of the lace foundation, use a large piece of foundation tape prior to applying the double-sided tape on all skin patch areas. This will prevent the lace from tearing.
  • Place small pieces of double-sided tape along the hairline in select areas. Typically, no shine tape should be placed in the entire front lace area, 2 small pieces in the back of the nape area, and one piece at each temple. (make sure to save the backing to reapply to the tape when not wearing your wig and it is resting on the block).
  • Tape can last anywhere between 3 to 5 days before it needs to be changed.
Transparent Double-sided Tape with Liquid Adhesive
Our MHP features the most natural-looking hairline available on any wig available to the public and utilizes production techniques founder Joseph Paris developed designing wigs for film & television where the unforgiving eye of the camera demands complete undetectability. To achieve this, our MHP may be attached using a combination of double-sided tape and a special liquid adhesive at the hairline, which will secure the transparent foundtion material to your skin. This allows you to pull your hair back and style it off your face with complete confidence.

Clip Attachment Method

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If you have enough of your own hair, or if your hair begins to grow back, this option allows you to clip the foundation of the MHP into your own hair. The benefit of this method is that you can continue to wear the MHP until your own hair grows in enough to be cosmetically acceptable to you on its own.

Clips sometimes are available on inferior wigs, but we use a special type of clip with a low, flat bite that does not cause pull-stress on your hair or scalp when clipped in place.

When you book a free private consultation at yourHAIRx, Joseph Paris will demonstrate all of your attachment options and help you decide which method best fits your lifestyle.