Action you can take BEFORE you start treatment

Don’t cut your hair short
Chemotherapy patients are often told to cut their hair short before they start chemotherapy so that they can make the transition to a shorter hairstyle in the wig they eventually purchase. While a MHP with a shorter hairstyle will be easier to manage, yourHAIRx can discreetly harvest a small portion of your own hair before the chemotherapy causes it to fall out, and utilize it in the hairline of your MHP. You may still choose a shorter hairstyle if you wish, but if you wait to cut your hair until after you have harvested some of it for your MHP, you have the option of maintaining your existing look throughout your treatment and recovery process. Many of our clients feel that just being able to recognize the same old “You” in the mirror every morning makes focusing on recovery that much easier.

Take your picture right away
As soon as you know you will undergo chemotherapy, be sure to have photos taken of how you normally wear your hair from all angles. These photos will enable our trained stylists to reproduce the same look with your MHP once it is ready to be delivered.