Frequently Asked Questions

The photos of our satisfied clients that are shown on this website wearing Medical Hair Prostheses designed by Joseph Paris have stirred the interest and curiosity of many people who want to know more. This section answers some the most common questions we’re asked about our amazing product.

Please take some time to review it carefully, and share it with someone you know who may be having difficulty coping with medically related hair loss. We’ll continue to add new information and answers to new questions as we work to provide the best hair replacement option available for chemotherapy, Alopecia, and other forms of hair loss.

Can I wear my hair up, off my face?

Yes! Our patented MHP Hair System is unlike bulky, store-bought wigs. The entire hairline is created by sewing each strand of hair into the transparent foundation material one strand at a time– the same way it grows from your scalp. When the foundation is properly secured, this gives you complete freedom to wear your MHP in any hair style — including updo’s, pony tails, and other off-the-face styles.

The yourHAIRx offices feature a full-service, private salon. Our thoroughly trained staff are here to help you maintain your MHP to keep you looking good, and we encourage our clients to book an appointment with one of our stylists if you have a special occasion approaching and you want a special look.

Can I swim, work out, or play sports with an MHP?

Yes! The key to a Medical Hair Prosthesis is that it must be comfortable to wear, look natural, and allow the wearer to do many of the activities they would be able to do with their own hair. Our patented MHP Hair System has set the bar for the entire industry when it comes to living an active lifestyle while wearing a wig. With our MHP, you can be as active as you want to be with total anonymity.

We have special methods of attachment and guidelines our clients can utilize when being especially active that will ensure that you never have to worry about being “spotted”. Even more impressive is how comfortable our MHP is to wear in comparison to designs commonly offered by other companies. These inferior products are often bulky, hot, and costmetically unacceptable.

If you’ve worn one of these competing wig designs, you may not believe any product could live up to our claims. Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word for it. When you book a free private consultation at yourHAIRx, you’ll have the opportunity to try on a sample of our MHP and see for yourself what an incredible design we offer.

How is it attached?

Our patented MHP Hair System is a semi-custom design which allows us to offer extremely fast delivery and to customize it to fit your head like a baseball cap– totally secure and with complete range of movement. To ensure that the MHP remains secure even in adverse conditions, we offer three methods of attachment:

Transparent Double-sided Tape
For normal wear, most of our clients find our transparent double-side tape, which is available in various strengths, sufficient to secure the MHP to their head. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, this option is available once your hair has fallen out or you have shaved off your remaining hair.
Transparent Double-sided Tape with Liquid Adhesive
Our MHP features the most natural-looking hairline available on any wig available to the public and utilizes production techniques founder Joseph Paris developed designing wigs for film & television where the unforgiving eye of the camera demands complete undetectability. To achieve this, our MHP may be attached using a combination of double-sided tape and a special liquid adhesive at the hairline, which will secure the transparent foundtion material to your skin. This allows you to pull your hair back and style it off your face with complete confidence.


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If you have enough of your own hair, or if your hair begins to grow back, this option allows you to clip the foundation of the MHP into your own hair. The benefit of this method is that you can continue to wear the MHP until your own hair grows in enough to be cosmetically acceptable to you on its own.

Clips sometimes are available on inferior wigs, but we use a special type of clip with a low, flat bite that does not cause pull-stress on your hair or scalp when clipped in place.

When you book a free private consultation at yourHAIRx, Joseph Paris will demonstrate all of your attachment options and help you decide which method best fits your lifestyle.

Why is bleaching the knots important?

Bleached Knots in Human Hair

Our MHP is available in both human hair and synthetic fiber. Human hair may offer superior feel to the touch, but it does have its drawbacks as well. If you’ve seen handmade wigs before, you’ll notice that the knots of the darker strands of hair where it is sewn into the foundation create a noticeable dot that can look unnatural when viewed close up. yourHAIRx has developed a special method of bleaching just the very base of each strand of hair where it is sewn into the transparent foundation material so that the knots become virtually invisible. While some wig companies claim they can offered bleached knots in their wigs, the result consistently pales in comparison to our product.

Will my insurance cover an MHP?

Insurance companies are only beginning to realize how helpful a medical hair prosthesis can be for someone who has lost their hair due to medical treatments or conditions. Hopefully, through persistence and education, we can change how insurance providers view medical hair replacement for the better.

The “wig” stigma

When you communicate with your insurance company regarding coverage for the cost of a medical hair prosthesis, make sure you refer to the product that way, and not as a “wig”. It’s true that a medical hair prosthesis is a special type of wig or hairpiece, but most insurance companies think of wigs only as stock items that are bought off the shelf in a wig shop. As someone suffering from medically related hair loss, you do not need this kind of wig. Insurance companies, on the other hand, often need a little help understanding that. If you are asked to explain the difference between an MHP and a wig, explain that a medical hair prosthesis is specially designed for medical hair loss and custom fitted to the individual’s head.

Some things to remember

  • Insurance companies may reimburse their customers for the cost of an MHP, but they do not pay the hair replacement company directly.
  • Your insurance company may not cover “hair replacement”, “wigs”, or “Medical Hair Prosthesis”, specifically, but if you are covered for prosthetics of any kind, then you have a good chance that your claim will be accepted.
  • Many insurance providers do not cover the entire cost of an MHP, but they should cover a substantial portion.
  • Your insurance provider’s first response to your claim isn’t final. You can always try to appeal the decision, and if they’re being unreasonable, you definitely should.

Steps to follow

  • Get your doctor to write you a prescription for a “medical hair prosthesis”. You’ll need this when you file your reimbursement claim. It may help to have the doctor write “for the mental well being of the patient” on the prescription.
  • Ask your doctor for the ICD-9 code (also referred to generally as the diagnosis code). Mose insurance companies require this to be on the invoice for the MHP.
  • Get an EOC booklet from your insurance company. This booklet should describe everything your insurance plan covers and how much they’ll pay. Look up wigs and prosthetics.
  • You know you need to do something about your hair, so book your free consultation at yourHAIRx right away, but contact your insurance company as soon as you are given your prescription.
  • When you contact your insurance company, explain your medical condition and how it has affected your hair loss. Give them all the details surrounding the diagnosis, including the doctor’s concern for your well being. Find out how much they will cover.
How much do your custom hair systems cost?

Because we design and produce each and every hair replacement system for each individual client, the cost will vary depending on your degree of hair loss, your method of attachment, and your lifestyle. When you have your first consultation appointment with Joseph Paris, he will discuss all of these factors with you and quote a specific price at that time for your custom hair replacement system.

In general, the price may range from $2,500 to $3,600.

We have no-interest financing available for qualified applicants through the Citi Health Card program.
Please see our Financing Options page for more information.

Do you offer financing?

We currently offer no-interest financing for our MHP Hair System through the Citi Health Card program, which is a flexible financing program designed specifically to help pay for treatments not covered by your health insurance or that are otherwise unaffordable. This financing option is available to qualified applicants, and you can learn more about it when you come to your free consultation at yourHAIRx. The application process is short and simple, and the approval process usually takes just a few minutes.

I’m starting chemo. What do I do first?

It is important that you set up an appointment immediately after you are diagnosed to get fitted for an MHP Hair System. That way, it will be in place by the time your hair begins to fall out.

Our patented process involves harvesting a small portion of your own hair from the back of your head before it falls out from the effects of chemotherapy. We use this hair to recreate a natural hairline in your MHP that will replicate the texture, wave, and color of your own hair, resulting in the most natural look. This process requires you to have long hair, but it is done in such a discreet fashion that it will not appear that you have lost any hair before the chemotherapy begins causing hair loss. This way, you will retain the exact same hairline and hairstyle you had before beginning treatment.

Patients with medically-related hair loss due to chemotherapy who would like to obtain an MHP Hair System should do the following:

  1. When your doctor recommends chemotherapy, take digital photos of how you wear your hair from all four sides.
  2. Along with the prescription and diagnosis code, you’ll need a statement in writing for insurance purposes. The statement must indicate that the MHP Hair System is prescribed for your mental well being.
  3. Once your doctor has prescribed an MHP Hair System, you should get an estimate.
  4. What makes the MHP Hair System unique is that Joseph Paris Naturally can cut and save your own hair before you lose it. Joseph Paris Naturally can then use that saved hair to recreate your hairline with the MHP Hair System. These are ideas designed to help you through an emotionally trying experience. Don’t cut your hair short because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself by changing your look. The advantage of an MHP Hair System is that it gives you time to make an informed decision, and adds the comfort of knowing that it can be designed using your own hair.
  5. The beauty of the MHP Hair System is that it can be ready to wear before you lose your hair. This new innovation allows you to look natural the moment side-effect hair loss occurs. In the past, this would have taken months to accomplish. The MHP Hair System will give you additional confidence knowing that you will not have to be without your natural look for even one day.
  6. No matter what your specific medical condition, after purchasing an MHP Hair System the State of New York will refund the sales tax for your purchase.
Is the MHP Hair System For Alopecia Areata?

If your Alopecia Areata has stabilized to one particular area, the best solution for you may be a custom-made partial MHP. Joseph Paris continues to design custom hair systems for all types of hair loss, and you can learn more by visiting or by booking a free consultation with Joseph Paris at our New York City office.

If your Alopecia Areata hasn’t stabilized, then the MHP Hair System will likely be the most cosmetically acceptable solution. Our design features multiple methods of attachment, including comb clips which will allow you to clip the MHP into your existing hair as it grows in. Unlike other wigs designed for Alopecia, our MHP Hair System is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. For people experiencing Alopecia Areata, a breathable, full wig design such as our MHP Hair System offers the most freedom to style your hair however you want and continue to function socially without feeling self-conscious about your condition.

Book a free, private consultation at our New York office, and Joseph Paris will discuss your options and recommend the type of MHP that is best suited to your condition and lifestyle.

Is the MHP Hair System for thinning hair?

The yourHAIRx Medical Hair Prosthesis is a full wig design. If you have a localized form of Alopecia or if you are experiencing thinning hair or baldness due to some other condition, a custom-made partial hair system may be the appropriate solution for you. Joseph Paris designs truly undetectable custom hair systems for clients all over the world, including business leaders, private citizens, actors of stage & screen, and even heads of state.

We have a separate website catering to our custom hair replacement clientele at Please start there, or book a free consultation today so that you can learn about the product that’s right for you.

What does a consultation consist of?

During the consultation, we’ll discuss the different types of hair systems on the market, companies you’ve heard of and also methods of attachment. But most importantly, we’ll explain what we can do for you. While that includes showing you what our product looks like in comparison to what you may be wearing now (if anything), we’ll also show you how our product eliminates many of the problems experienced by wearers of other systems such as: itching, odor, color changes, hair that falls out, unnatural hairline, too much hair, etc. If you’re currently wearing a hair system, then you’ll find this aspect of the consultation most informative. You can finally say good-bye to the “club” system and the headaches of being locked into service contracts, and having to shave your head. Imagine wearing one natural looking system for two years before you have to purchase again!

Once you decide to become a Joseph Paris client, you will only be required to pay a 50% deposit of the total price. Once we design your system, approximately eight weeks later it will be complete, and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll remake it at no additional charge. What’s more, if you’re still not satisfied, you don’t have to pay the balance.