What is a Medical Hair Prosthesis and how can it help me?

If you are experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition, whether it’s a form of Alopecia, the result of surgery, a condition like lupus, or the side-effects of medical treatments like chemotherapy, we understand this can be emotionally and socially debilitating.

When undergoing treatment for an illness such as cancer, It is proven that your psychological state can affect your recovery.

When wearing a wig to conceal your hair loss, not just any wig will do.

What you really need is a Medical Hair Prosthesis.

A Medical Hair Prosthesis refers specifically to a wig that is designed to look totally natural, and convincingly conceal the wearer’s hair loss.

Just like any other prosthetic device, it should:

  • Be comfortable to wear
  • Be capable of being worn daily
  • Enable you to do many of the things you would normally do with your own natural hair
  • Be covered by your insurance carrier

Most stock wigs on the market today are derived from centuries-old designs meant only for wigs worn as a part of fashion. Total realism and undetectability are not a factor in most stock wig designs, and are therefore inadequate to treat a person’s medically related hair loss.

We believe that medically related hair loss should be addressed by your doctor. The time has come for the medical community along with the insurance companies who cover costs of other prosthetic devices and psychological treatments; to accept Medically Related Hair Loss as a condition of equal relevance. The negative psychological impact of Hair loss is very a real condition regardless of the cause. Phobias of the ensuing Potential for hair loss for example (forthcoming Chemo treatments) creates distress. Hair Loss is caused by the treatment of Cancer not the cancer itself; so verily it’s unjust for any insurance company not cover the cost of an MHP Prosthetic. Alopecia requires even more of a need for continued insurance coverage because; unlike hair loss due to chemo treatment, which is temporary. Most cases of hair loss related to Alopecia, are indeed a lifelong condition.

Joseph Paris demonstrates the versatility of the MHP System


The MHP System can also be utilized by women who don’t have hair loss issues and simply wish to enhance or change their appearance. Our methods for actors on film are applied in such cases and the benefit is a realistic result without the damage caused by hair Extensions.