Can I order an MHP Hair System without having to come the salon?

Yes, you can order an MHP Hair System through our mail order program. Follow the five steps on the left to purchase the most comfortable hair system on the market today. You wouldn’t buy a suit or dress without trying it on so why would you not want to try on our hair system before you buy. It’s easy…

Take your Measurements

Follow the guidelines on the Measuring Guide sheet to the right. Click on the image and print a copy. Take seven measurements with a ribbon tape measure, and write them all down on the sheet so we can fit you with the right size cap.

Hair Samples

We can match your hair color if you can provide us with a hair sample either your own head, from a wig or from any other source that could provide us with a sample of color you desire. We can even send you a hair color sample ring to view the available color options.

Take Photos

Take four pictures from all four sides if you still have hair present. If you are void of hair, you can supply us with pictures of when you had hair or you can give us pictures from magazines or other sources of the desired hairstyle you are looking to achieve.

Trace Your Hair Line

After we have received your measurements, hair color and desired hair style, you will trace out the exact hair line on the hair system with a grease pencil as demonstrated in the video to the right.


Before we send the hair system for you to try on and trace out the hair line, we must have your credit card information in the event the hair system is not returned. If you are satisfied and you are ready to purchase, then we will process your credit card and you will be the owner of a new MHP Hair System.

Measuring Guide:

It’s important to preserve your self-esteem by maintaining your pre-treatment appearance while battling the trauma of sudden loss of hair. Beautiful Hair for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.