A Day with Santa Claus at the Ronald McDonald House

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Santa Claus came to the YourHAIRx salon in New York City for a fitting of an MHP Hair System for a Macy’s television commercial. The advertising agency requested that we style Santa’s hair similar to Edmund Gwenn’s character Kris Kringle in the 1937 movie “MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET “. When he first tried the MHP hair system, the hair was long, about 23 inches. Santa Claus took one look in the mirror and couldn’t believe his eyes!

He said, “Mr Paris It looks like it’s growing right out of my scalp. It’s a shame to cut it short when it looks so natural long.”

Mr. Paris replied,  “I am obligated to cut the hair short. That’s the look Macy’s wants.”

As time went by, yourHAIRx received a call from Santa Claus. He was inquiring about an MHP hair system of his own. He made an appointment for December 1st. It was a Saturday, and after sizing and cutting Santa’s new long hair system, Mr. Paris asked if he could take Santa out for lunch to a restaurant in the neighborhood. As they strolled down 34th Street, one person yelled out, “Look the second miracle on 34th street!”, creating quite a scene.

At lunch, Mr. Paris suggested going to the Ronald McDonald House in New York City to kick-off the holiday season. He agreed without any hesitation. It was an experience we will never forget, and seeing the look of excitement on the children’s faces that afternoon was simply wonderful.

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